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424 runners for MCE at the Brussels Marathon

424 runners participated in the Brussels Marathon on October, 6th in aid of Missing Children...

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Coordination and Communication Supporting Committee

Frédérique  Badin
Armelle Lanos
Design communication tools
Sergio Campo
Administration fundraising events

Assistance General Secretariat

Anne-Sophie Ragon
Accountings and Finance
Gaëtan van de Werve d'Immerseel
Networking & communication
Alexandre Paternotte de La Vaillée
Human Resources Counsellor

Ski Marathon

Tobias Schäfers
recruitment skiers & sponsors
Sebastian Vos
Team Captain
Karine Beckers
Sebastian Lifflander
recruitment skiers & sponsors

Golf Competition

Frédérique  Badin
Louis van Lennep
Contact golfers & sponsors
Anne-Marie Berckmans
James Beckman
Contact golf club
Francine Querton
Welcome desk
Martine  De Clercq
Contacts golfers & sponsors
Diane Deslignes
Contact golfers & sponsors
Deirdre  Manchoulas
Contact golfers & sponsors
Christine de Posson
Contact golfers & sponsors
Anne-Françoise Schöller
Contact golfers & sponsors
Brigitte Smeyers
Contact golfers & sponsors
Michèle Van Dessel
Contact golfers & sponsors
Dominique Rolin
Auction and Raffle Coordination
Véronique de Broqueville
Contacts golfers and sponsors
Claire Rolin Jaequemyns
Press and sponsorships

MCE is partly funded by the European Commission. However, as the structure of our funding means that it decreases each year, it is vital for Missing Children Europe to find financial support from other sources such as foundations, private companies and the general public... Read More »

This is where the vital work of our Supporting Committee comes in. The Supporting Committee assists the General Secretariat of MCE in establishing partnerships with commercial organisations, we organise fundraising events and also help with MCE's external communications.

Events are always organised with a minimum amount of cost as many sponsors offer their equipment and services to the charity on a low cost, or no cost basis. The Supporting Committee and any other event-specific organising committees are made up exclusively of volunteers. In this way we can ensure that 100% of the donations and a large proportion of the event registration fees go directly to the cause of missing and sexually exploited children.

Open letter from our volunteers

The MCE volunteers are ordinary men and women, fathers and mothers who share the common belief that the issues dealt with by Missing Children Europe are a priority for all European nations. As volunteers we have the opportunity to show our commitment to this cause by raising awareness of the issues surrounding the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children, and by helping to raise funds to build concrete solutions to tackle these problems… Read More »

A teenage runaway may not seem that uncommon, but for the parents who are waiting for the return of their son or daughter, in the knowledge that every night they spend away from home they are vulnerable to brutality and physical or psychological aggression, the wait can be unbearable… What if their child runs out of money? Where or who will they turn to for food or shelter? Whatever happens, it's a long wait...

Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that children who run away, in most cases, run away from something else: depression, conflict, abuse… the suicide rate among runaways is 9 times higher than among their peers, so it is vital that we address the root causes of their problems.

The same goes for parental abductions. More and more international couples and higher and higher divorce rates have contributed to an increasing number of parental abductions. When a crisis occurs within a couple's relationship, the child is often the stake on which the conflict focuses. Sometimes the parent without legal custody of the child decides not to take him back after a week-end and hides the child in another country. Due to the complexity of the legal processes in different countries, it may take years before a child sees their other parent again. So, once again, without contact with both parents the child becomes the real victim.

Sexual abuse of children is obviously a monstrosity. In addition to the physical suffering during the abuse, in the short-term, the abused child is very likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, sexual dysfunction, withdrawal, and behaviour problems. The child may also display inappropriate sexual behaviour. Sexual abuse also has severe long-term consequences: high levels of anxiety in adults who were abused as children can result in self-destructive behaviour, such as alcoholism or drug abuse, anxiety attacks, situation-specific anxiety disorders, and insomnia. Research has shown that victims of child sexual abuse are also more likely to be the victims of rape or to be involved in physically abusive relationships as adults.

We believe it is vital that the wider public understands the reality surrounding these issues and that policies are designed together with our neighbouring countries to tackle these phenomena. We support Missing Children Europe because we are convinced that only cross-border policies and international action can improve the safety of children throughout Europe.

Join MCE's volunteers

If you are also concerned by these issues and wish to help: if you have professional or personal competences in fields such as copywriting, translation, design, IT, photography, video, events management, etc…; if you have a personal or professional network that could help open the doors and raise funds, we would very much like to hear from you.

Please contact us at supporting.committee@missingchildreneurope.eu

For your information, examples of our requirements are regularly posted News pages of this website.

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