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424 runners for MCE at the Brussels Marathon

424 runners participated in the Brussels Marathon on October, 6th in aid of Missing Children...

Christophe Thomas is taking part in the
Marathon des Sables in aid of Missing Children Europe

4000 €
3915 €
www.darbaroud.com www.trakks.be

The MARATHON DES SABLES – (Marocco), 5 to 15 April 2013 is basically a race you need to manage.

This mythical 250 km race (in 6 stages), demands self-sufficiency and is open to ultra-trailers who come in growing numbers to share an incomparable human adventure!

For a week runners need to manage their efforts, their diet and water intake. "Managing your race will make yours a successful race". It's a top level sports event, held in the South of Marocco at a time when the temperature may hit 50 degrees in the sun. Due to the nature of the terrain, the whole organism is severely tested.

Christophe Thomas is a 36 year old man, a father of two young children, a landscape architect by training, with a 15 year career :

after being in charge of landscaping projects abroad, he then spent 4 years working for Philips Lighting before setting up his own business of Lighting Design.

A fervent high altitude mountaineer and climber, he got into running in 2004 through a charity race; since then he has been running in order to train and improve his form as an alpinist, the end objective being the Himalayan summits.

In March 2013, together with Catherine Lallemand (three-times winner of the 20 km of Brussels), he set up his own brand: TraKKs, a concept store located in Brussels and entirely dedicated to runners, trailers and hikers.

Encourage Christophe by giving generously.

Christophe has chosen to run for Missing Children Europe (MCE). His TraKKs store had already sponsored the "Running for Missing Children Europe" team in October 2012 for the Brussels marathon. Help him by making a donation to MCE. Each euro paid will inspire him to go a bit further.

Christophe will be running with the Ultra Bag Marathon team!

Congratulations! Christophe Thomas has been invited by the Ultra Bag Marathon team! Good luck Christophe! We'll be following your race on Facebook and Twitter!


TraKKs is a concept store in Brussels (Uccle – Vivier d'Oie), entirely devoted to running, trail and other outdoor sports.

TraKKs offers a very complete range of equipment and items from the top brands, and provides many additional services: coaching for all levels, analysis of running technique, conferences with expert guests, clinics in a forest environment. In a nutshell an absolute goldmine for the many aficionados of this ever more popular sport.

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